DB Schenker Rail comment on UK rail industry reform

Alain Thauvette, Chief Executive of DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd, said: “The rail network in the UK is exactly that. A network. Future rail growth, and the associated ability to realise modal shift combined with the economic benefits of greater rail use by people and businesses, will only be achieved by continuing to provide a national network.

“In the current thinking of how to achieve rail reform that will improve efficiency and lower costs, the needs of our rail freight customers to use this national network has to be a given by all parties involved.

“A national track access contract with a national infrastructure network that is consistent in its delivery of operations, regardless of the number of operating regions that form the network, is what is needed.

“Rail freight is purely commercial, competing head to head with road haulage which uses the national road network. We have successfully worked with Network Rail to improve efficiency and lower costs over many years.

“The prize in this industry reform is lower costs for the taxpayer and greater efficiency for users. Retain the structure of a national network and you have a greater chance to realise the ambitions of both Sir Roy and the industry.”


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