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Alstom’s Citadis tramway begins service in Algiers

On 8 May 2011, Algieria’s Transport Minister and the President of the Algiers Metro Authority (EMA) marked the start of the new tramway service in Algiers.

Algiers is the first city in Algeria to have a modern tram network.

Exploited by the Urban and Suburban Bus Transportation for Algiers (ETUSA), Alstom’s Citadis tramway runs on the line’s initial segment, which the Mediterrail consortium delivered to the EMA in December 2010.

This stretch of the line, 7.2 km in length, links Bab Ezzouar to Bordj El Kiffan districts in the eastern suburbs of Algiers and serves 13 stations, from “Bananiers – H Moukhtar Zerhouni – Lycée” to “Bordj El kiffan – Colline Mohous”.

With the completion of two additional sections currently under construction (Hussein Dey– Bab Ezzouar and Bordj El Kiffan–Dergana), the line will extend 23 kilometres and includes 38 stations along with eight transfer hubs.

Alstom, the project leader for the Mediterrail consortium, is providing a portion of the civil engineering, all the infrastructure (platform, rails, electrification, signalling, ticketing), the workshop-depot at Bordj El Kiffan and the central command post. Alstom is also supplying the fleet of 41 Citadis trainsets, already delivered in full.

In addition, Alstom will be responsible for maintaining the tramway system equipment and the Citadis tramsets for 10 years.

The Algiers tramway trainsets, were specially designed to meet the EMA’s operating needs and feature both the proven equipment standard on all Citadis trams, representing years of accumulated Citadis expertise, and a number of customized elements, including the design of the driver’s cabin, the livery, and the interior fittings.

Each tramset is 40 metres in length and can accommodate from 300 to 400 passengers during peak travel times.

The air conditioning and large tinted glass windows, plus the seating and wide aisles, passenger information displays in French and Arabic, and quiet engine operation are all designed to ensure pleasant travel conditions.

This transport infrastructure project is part of the development programme initiated by the Algerian government in response to a growing demand for public transport.



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