Major repairs to Royal Border Bridge throughout 2022

The iconic Royal Border Bridge in Northumberland will be repaired throughout 2022 in a major project led by Network Rail.

Work on the scheme began earlier this month and will run until November 2022. During this time, engineers will repair all 28 arches of the Grade I listed bridge, which sits across the River Tweed.

Carefully planned structural repairs should mean that the bridge won’t require any major maintenance work for the next 30 years, allowing the landmark to be enjoyed for years to come without impacting the community.

Network Rail is holding an online information event on Thursday 27 January from 18:00 to 19:00, where members of the project team will be on hand to explain the work in more detail and answer any questions residents may have. Those wishing to join should visit as the event starts.

Site facilities, scaffolding and a rope access system will all be installed during the work. This is vital to allow teams to work safely. The footpath along the bridge will also remain open throughout to minimise the impact on the community.

Sarah Reid, Route Director for Network Rail’s East Coast route, said: “In this feat of engineering, we’ll be repairing the iconic Royal Border Bridge so that it can continue to transport passengers between England and Scotland along the East Coast Main Line – and crucially, be enjoyed by the community – for years to come.

“I know this is a well-loved landmark, so I’d encourage anyone who wants to find out more about our work to come along to the online information event and ask any questions they have.”

To find out more about the history of the Royal Border Bridge, visit The history of the Royal Border Bridge, Berwick.

Timeline of work

  • Jan 2022 – Compound set up and brickwork repairs to arches 1 – 2
  • Feb 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 3-5
  • March 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 4-7
  • April 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 8-11
  • May 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 12-15
  • June 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 16-19
  • July 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 20-21
  • August 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 22-25
  • Sept 2022 – Brickwork repairs to arches 26-28
  • Oct 2022 – Further repairs to various arches
  • Nov 2022 – Remove site compound

Working hours

  • Monday – Friday 09:00-18:00
  • Saturday 22:00-08:00

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