Birmingham brick Victorian viaducts get railway revamp

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Two Victorian-built railway viaducts in Birmingham are having essential repairs to make them more reliable for passenger and freight journeys.

The large brick structures take tracks over the River Cole in two locations to the west of Stechford station.

Scaffolding has been put up so structural engineers can do a full inspection of the 185-year-old structures.

Network Rail will then replace broken viaduct bricks and carry out major mortar repairs and repointing during the work.

The £1.1m Railway Upgrade Plan investment will keep the viaducts safe and reliable for many years to come.

Stechford routeview.

Sreedevi Thekkedathu, scheme project manager at Network Rail, said: “These essential upgrades at Stechford will improve passenger and freight journeys on these busy routes in and out of Birmingham. Carrying out work on historic structures like these viaducts is a real privilege but it is also a challenge given their height over the river. We’d like to thank people living and working nearby for their patience while we carry out this vital maintenance over the coming months.”

The repairs started in May and will take place until November 2021.

No trains will be disrupted while the project is carried out.

The noisiest work will take place during the day to avoid inconveniencing nearby residents at night.

Due to the repairs being over the River Cole, Network Rail is working with the Environment Agency during the project.

Photo credit: Network Rail

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