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Arc Gen Hilta adding a spark to MacroRail 2011

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Arc Gen Hilta will be adding a spark to the MacroRail 2011 show this Friday, 16 September.

The free to attend event will feature a live welding demonstration where the power equipment supplier will be showing their Network Rail-approved Weldmaker 165SP2 coupled to ESAB’s Railtrac BV/BVR 1000.

The show, being held at the Long Marston Railway Storage Facility, will see this robust super-silent generator being put through its paces.

Compact and lightweight, weighing in at 77kg, the Weldmaker will be easily manoeuvrable from track access points to the worksite for essential repairs.

The ability to simultaneously use both the welding and auxiliary outputs will increase the versatility of this powerful generator, whilst an auto-idle facility enables it to operate for up to 10 hours without needing to be refuelled.

Two machines can be linked in parallel to double the welding output, offering companies considerable cost and time savings when on track.

Indoors, Arc-Gen Hilta will be lighting up the old hangars with their new and innovative Lumaphore soft light system and their Network Rail approved SMC-TL 90 mobile lighting tower alongside a static SL-90.

These are available in 24V – 240V versions and the lightweight (only 8.5kg), robust tower is easily transportable.

With an impressive ability to light up to 2400m², Lumaphore is an ideal lighting solution for rail projects where space is at a premium and the work site is far from an access point.

To register to attend to visit the show email [email protected] or call 01789 720026.



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