US ‘applauds $2bn high speed rail investments’

The American Public Transportation Association,  an organisation which serves as an advocate for the advancement of public transportation programs and initiatives in the United States has applauded the recent news of $2bn funding for high speed rail projects.

APTA President William Millar said:

“This investment in high-speed and intercity rail is an important step toward bringing America’s transportation system into the 21st century.

“The $2 billion additional investment builds upon the current momentum for high-speed and intercity rail and helps carry forward the projects already underway in many states. These projects are creating jobs and building more energy efficient, cost effective solutions to our strained infrastructure.

“For every $1 billion invested in high-speed rail, more than 24,000 jobs are supported or created.

“This proposal provides $795 million to the most heavily used section of the Northeast corridor, $404.1 million to expand high-speed rail service in the Midwest, $300 million toward extending the Central Valley project – which is part of the Los Angeles to San Francisco corridor as well as other smaller projects around the nation.

“The investments will go directly to construction and this 21st century rail system will help spur permanent jobs in these regions.

“These investments will help to ensure this expansion can continue throughout the country. Now, more than ever, it is true that for a higher quality of life, a cleaner environment, and economic growth, public transportation including high-speed and intercity passenger rail takes us there.”



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