ATOC responds to Taxpayers’ Alliance report on high speed rail

A spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies said: “High speed rail forms an important part of ensuring that the UK can meet the transport challenges the country will face in the future.”

“Demand for rail travel is expected to double in the coming decades and intercity routes are beginning to fill up as more and more people choose to travel by train.  A new high speed line, alongside sustained investment in the existing network, is key if we are to meet the significant growth in passenger numbers that is expected in the years ahead.”


  1. Much as I want to see more investment in our nationall ril network the proposal for HS2 looks decidely suspsect with a marginal BCR, only creeping above 2 by using highly optimisiti demand forecasts. Gvien our parlous national fiances there are many more pressing and affrodable transport needs than HS2. Perhaps if the costs werenot so high, and they’re bound to be higher than estinmated, then it would be an easier decision.nnThe opponenets to HS2 have, if anything, ensured that the supporters of high speed rail need to make a much more convincing case for it.The experience of HSR in other similar countries does not seem to be quite so impressive as we have been led to believe. Even the French are cutting back (whenever I’ve used it it has been half empty) and the Dutch route is already in financial difficulties.nnMy 17 year old daughter wonders why we oldies assume her generation wants to spend time on any train, when they have grown up with IT for most forms of communication. I think we need to think more imaginitively before committing such a vast sum to a railway which may be the futre now, but the past by the time it is built.


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