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Thursday, June 24, 2021

ATOC release statement regarding HS2 report

In response to the Greengauge 21 report on how high speed rail will benefit the existing network, a spokesperson for the Association of Train Operating Companies said:

“A new high speed line will play a vital part in taking pressure off the UK’s existing intercity routes, which are beginning to fill up as more and more people choose to travel by train.

“The report clearly sets out how easing capacity problems on the existing network offers the option for faster and more frequent services to a number of towns, along with all the economic benefits that that will bring.

“High speed rail, alongside sustained investment in the existing network, is key if we are to meet the significant growth in passenger numbers that is expected in the years ahead.”


  1. It beggars belief that ‘they’ try to sell HS2 to the country by suggesting it will make other rail services better? No it won’t. Once HS2 gets underway all the available money for transport schemes will be sucked up by the biggest infrastructure money drain this millennium (aka HS2!). nWouldn’t it be wise economics to use a fraction of the cost of HS2 to upgrade the current rail services from Birmingham to London and then use the remainder of the money (if u00a334bn is really burning a hole in Osborneu2019s pocket?) keeping front line police on our streets, putting nurses and midwives into hospitals, giving our military the equipment they need, giving students an affordable education and supporting families when they fall on hard times?nSurely managing crime on our streets, educating our young people, protecting the nationu2019s health and well and from threat and supporting those in need is more about the Big(ger) Society?n

    • u00a334billion is for the larger network not just the section to Birmingham. And it *includes* 66% optimism bias (if you know what that is). The money won’t be spent all at once but over decades. And even with the economy in the state it’s in the Government will receive approximately u00a35000 billion in tax in the next 10 years.nnYou do also realise of course that not spending it on high speed rail doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be spent on other things.


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