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‘It’s nice to be nice’: Introducing Kaz, LNER’s King of Kindness

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The life-changing power of an act of kindness is a lesson that Customer Experience Host Kaz Dobre lives by inside and outside of LNER.

From organising onboard easter egg hunts, to dressing up as a Tudor entertainer, Kaz is committed to spreading smiles up and down the East Coast Main Line and in his local community.

Kaz’s upbeat attitude and desire to spread joy, happiness and kindness stem from his own experiences. As a host, he works onboard LNER’s inter-city services providing customers with first class service between London King’s Cross and Newcastle and King’s Cross and Leeds.

Born in London, Kaz faced a challenging start to life. He was raised in children’s homes until the age of sixteen, when he bought a one-way ticket to Geneva. There an adventure began that saw him working as an apprentice for the United Nations for a period before moving to the travel industry. Kaz recalls his first interview for the apprenticeship, where he was inspired to be kind by the man who interviewed him: “I was just a teenager then, and that person pulled me out of the biggest black hole you can ever think of. He offered me the apprenticeship and he and his family supported me through it.” 

Understanding the power of a single act of kindness, Kaz went on to adopt his mantra that ‘It’s nice to be nice.’ He said: “I know what it’s like to be lonely, and I know what it’s like to have nothing. I think this is what makes me reach out to people.”

A keen costume fan with an extensive wardrobe including seven Tudor costumes, Kaz brightens the day of customers travelling on his services and can often be found entertaining at local attractions. He also volunteers in costume at care homes and parties. His wardrobe includes characters from Star Wars and Harry Potter which at times feature in his day role, with Kaz dressed up as Darth Vader for Star Wars Day. The festive period is also a firm favourite, along with impromptu shoutouts for colleagues and customers just to brighten their day. 

On his role at LNER Kaz said “Since I joined, I’ve met such passionate and dedicated colleagues across the network. My hard-working colleagues have taught me so much and I appreciate their support. The main thing for me is bringing colleagues together because a happy crew means happy customers. It’s about making that difference to someone’s journey.” 

Speaking about the unique qualities Kaz brings to work with him every day, Jodie Slater, On Train Experience Manager at LNER, said: “All our onboard teams work hard to make sure all our customers enjoy the best possible experience when they travel with us, going the extra mile to make journeys memorable. Kaz is a born entertainer who brings smiles to so many faces, customers and colleagues alike, with his warm welcome, positive attitude and unique sense of fun.”

Image credit: LNER

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