Turbo Power Systems to build key components for Tyne and Wear Metro fleet

Gateshead-based Turbo Power Systems (TPS) will soon begin producing electric converters for Tyne and Wear Metro’s new fleet of 46 trains, which are being manufactured by Stadler.

TPS designs and manufactures cutting-edge power and energy conversion systems for the transport, industrial and energy sectors. All of its products are designed and made at its own facility in Gateshead.

The company will begin making electric converters for each of the new trains. These devices are an essential component of the train’s traction, acting as the interface between the pantograph and the power converters. They have an essential safety function for the propulsion system.

Stadler’s appointment of TPS reflects its pledge to boost the regional economy and involve as many Tyne and Wear-based companies in the new trains project as it can. It is keen to use local suppliers for materials and services required for the depot re-build, the manufacturing of the new trains and the ongoing service and maintenance of the trains on the patch.

More than 90% of the suppliers used for the depot build project are based in the UK, with key suppliers from the North East, including Thompsons of Prudhoe and A&M Electricals in Washington.

The main components of the first new train are being fitted, including the wheels, seats, equipment cases, piping, wiring, flooring, windows and other internal furnishings. Over the next couple of months, the process to make the bogies will resume, and then bodyshells attached to the bogies.

The first of the 46 trains is scheduled to arrive at the end of this year. Initially, it will be used for testing and driver training. Trains are set to enter customer service in the summer of 2023.

Image credit: Turbo Power Solutions

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