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ITAL introduces real-time operational and disruption management platform for UK Rail

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Software development house ITAL has announced the launch of its new cloud-based platform MERLIN.

The platform is designed for control rooms to manage operations and disruptions from a single, intelligent interface, allowing greater control and efficiency of stock, crew, and service schedules. As a cloud-based service, it provides train operators with a real-time presentation layer of data from other train and resource planning systems, intelligent analysis, contextualization, and clear, accurate information for enhanced decision making.

Disruptions and delays are difficult to manage. This can cost the rail industry and UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds and reduces customer confidence in the services provided. Controllers need to determine the best course of action to reduce the impact of disruption but, with so many different data sources and knock-on effects to consider and the need to input decision criteria into multiple systems, it is difficult to make and disseminate the best decisions in a timely manner.

MERLIN provides a real-time holistic view and analysis of rail operations with complete stock, crew, and train service management, supporting effective decision-making during disruptions, allowing the management of complex incidents through one easy-to-use interface.

The data platform interfaces with systems throughout the rail network, including Network Rail, RDG, and Darwin, bringing data into a single view for control room staff. It analyses the combined data and delivers timely, accurate, real-time information when and where it is needed. The system can automate tedious, time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and arms controllers with the facts they need to make rapid decisions, reduce the impact of disruptions, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance brand reputation.

Derrick Bilsby, CEO at ITAL, says, “MERLIN integrates all aspects of rail operations and works seamlessly alongside existing systems, aggregating data, and presenting it to the user in a clear view. It is an agile solution and, as we work with different operators, we continue to add new modules and functionality.”

“MERLIN is the future for rail operations. The rail network is going through a new era of digitalisation and already contains huge volumes of data. Our platform is designed for complete flexibility and works with any system that has data available to ensure higher levels of operational efficiency, greater resilience to disruptions, and better communication with staff and customers.”

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