Trains missing following earthquake & tsunami in Japan

The East Japan Railway Company has announced that most of their lines are ‘suspended’ following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday.

There have been reports of several trains that are missing since the disaster struck. One national newspaper claimed that up to ‘400 passengers on a high speed bullet train’ have not yet been found.

One JR East train has been found near Nobiru station on the Senseki Line, north of Sendai. It is thought the train derailed at high speed and was swept over ground by the tsunami. No survivors were found. The Senseki Line runs to the main station in Ishinomaki.

Three more trains are thought to be unaccounted for but information is limited as the Japanese authorities try to deal with the huge scale of disaster.

The Tokyo metro is still operating with limited service as are limited JR East services including the Joetsu and Nagano Shinkansen lines.


  1. ya know this story is all over the blogosphere and the ‘report’ came from the DailyMail within hours of the quake with NO other newservice substantiating the report … when I lived in the UK the DailyMail is what we bought to line the birdcage or what the fish n chips came in until I see it from an official press release from the E Japan Railway Co I wouldn’t be giving this story any play as ‘fact’


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