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James Cleverly calls for cut price rail fare for Olympic ticket holders

London Assembly member, James Cleverly today won Boris Johnson’s agreement to lobby train operating companies to offer discounted rail fares to Olympic Games ticket holders.

Quizzing the Mayor at Question Time today, Mr Cleverly said he feared outer London becoming choked with parked cars during the Games as drivers leave their vehicles in Zone 6 and take advantage of the free travel pass that comes with an Olympic ticket.

Mr Cleverly said:

“There is a real danger, given that about half a million people will be coming daily to watch the Games, that people will drive to London’s outskirts park and hop on public transport.

“Today I proposed that a discounted rail fare should be included as part of an Olympic ticket so that travelling by train to the Games becomes the default option.

“I am extremely pleased that Boris saw merit in my proposal and is willing to approach the Association of Train Operating Companies about it.

“Most commuter trains outside rush hour are significantly under-used, but the rail companies have to run them under their franchise agreements. It seems sensible to me that spectators take the train: it’ll be a better and more pleasant travel experience for them; prevent outer-London becoming clogged with parked cars and put extra money in train companies’ fare boxes into the bargain.”


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