The All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group plan potential regeneration

The All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group has announced they are working with a leading architect who is advising them about the potential for regeneration and opportunities for developers.

An architect from national practice DLG Architects was invited to provide expert opinion during a key strategy discussion at the Houses of Parliament.

With the recently approved extensions at Nottingham and Birmingham, Light Rail has done better than expected in the government spending review, a reflection of transport investment being particularly good for the environment.

The Minister of State for Transport announced at the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group that light rail has an enhanced role to play in the immediate future. He stated:  “The Government has two main objectives: to get the economy back on track and to hit climate change targets.

“Transport has a part to play in the latter. Strategies for carbon reduction will be taken forward by a Local Transport white paper which will address green alternatives such as cycling and walking and the modal shift to light and heavy rail. Light Rail has a major role to play in urban transport.”

During the meeting Geoff Inskip, the Chief Executive of Centro, announced a strategy for Light-Rail development in the near term, targeting 13 tram-train projects across the UK, and highlighting the regeneration potential Light Rail schemes bring.

DLG’s Gareth Gerner presented in more detail the proposals for Manchester and Leeds, including a link to Leeds-Bradford Airport. Based on his knowledge and experience of transport schemes and regeneration, he highlighted the untapped potential and profit that these schemes would bring to the developer community whilst achieving significant regeneration and environmental benefits.

“Developers and Funds are often unaware of Light Rail’s benefits, lower cost of entry and innovative means for funding. Taken together they provide a unique opportunity to improve profitability of developments.

In collaboration with other experienced providers Gareth will be providing briefing presentations to leading UK funds and developers over the next few months.



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