Kilfrost partnership helps Finland thaw

The global leader in de-icing and anti-icing is celebrating after announcing a partnership with one of Europe’s main rail operators which will see one of its products used in Finland.

Kilfrost has received its first order of TDIce Plus by VR, the state-owned Finnish rail company. The order forms part of Kilfrost’s existing partnership with Swedish-based Nordic Ground Support Equipment, who supply de/anti-icing systems to the rail industry worldwide.  Kilfrost’s innovative TDIce range of fluids has been designed to be used with the Nordic systems, which facilitate the large-scale de-icing and anti-icing of rolling stock.

Following investment by VR in Nordic’s anti-icing equipment, the organisation confirmed its first order of Kilfrost’s TDIce Plus fluid which will be used across the board on their rolling stock.

The Kilfrost TDIce range, including TDIce, TDIce Plus and TDIcesustain, are hot de-icing fluids, designed to be heated and sprayed onto the iced underside of rolling stock to prevent build-up and to ensure effective operation and maintenance in even the harshest of conditions.  Fully biodegradable, the products are triazole and nonyphenol-free, with the TDIcesustain fluid also using bio-glycol derived from a renewable and sustainable raw material to help reduce carbon footprint.

Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive of Kilfrost, commented: “We are delighted that VR Finnish Rail has placed its first order of our TDIce Plus fluid, which has been developed for application via Nordic’s unique de-icing and anti-icing system.  We very much look forward to working together with them, and Nordic GSE, to help protect the country’s trains from the winter elements.”

Jules Lajola, Managing Director of Nordic GSE, said: “We are proud that VR has chosen the unique solution from Nordic GSE to prevent ice build-ups on their rolling stock.”


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