Ansaldo STS wins €200m tender for signalling upgrade of Turin – Padua line, Italy

Ansaldo STS has been awarded a part in a contract for the technological upgrade of the conventional lines on the Turin-Padua route worth a total of approximately €486m.

The share of the deal relating to Ansaldo STS comes to approximately €200m.

The Turin-Padua route is part of the European project to ensure the continued use of trains on Europe’s railway lines and forms an integral part of Corridor D (Lisbon-Kiev), which provides for building the ERTMS/ETCS L 2 systems.

Specifically, the contract covers the supply of two SCC/M systems that regulate traffic management and integrated diagnostics on the equipment of the Turin-Padua route. Much of the line, station and signalling equipment will be upgraded through the installation of four multi-station ACC systems, which will manage the new and existing ACC equipment, the area management equipment and, through the electronic management devices, the recently-built equipment, as well as the automatic locking on those stretches.

This significant technological investment will make it possible to have important benefits for regional and commuter traffic; these will include greater regularity of trains, more efficient support services, improved maintenance and reduced operating costs of the infrastructure.

The project also involves the construction of technological buildings, telephony equipment, the data transmission network and some work on rail tracks and traction control systems.

The temporary consortium led by Ansaldo STS is formed of Bombardier Transportation Italy SpA and others. In addition, SWS Engineering SpA and RPA Srl are also responsible for design services.


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