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Friday, December 8, 2023

Clive Kessell BSc CEng FIET FIRSE

A Docklands Update

For many of the older generation, including your writer, it only seems like yesterday that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) first opened, but in fact it was as long ago as 1987. In the intervening period, a lot has...

Unlocking Innovation: The Digital Railway

Following on from David Shirres’ article in issue 184 (May/June 2020), the Railway Industry Association staged a week-long webinar to explore how innovation can help the transition to a Digital Railway. Held online between 29 June and 3 July,...

Signalling Challenge for Crossrail

Crossrail has many complex systems but providing the entire route with a new signalling system is one of the biggest challenges. It is a highly complex arrangement, with many interfaces between different new and legacy systems, although final testing...

Upgrading the continental connection

A landmark ERTMS announcement has recently emerged concerning the London to Paris and Brussels high-speed routes through the Channel Tunnel.

Building a world heritage tunnel in Switzerland

Adding a second tunnel bore to the Swiss railway that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tunnel management, Swiss style

Controlling traffic in the world's longest rail tunnel means being ready for any eventuality in terms of both safety and operations.

5G – A General Perspective

For the rail industry, how to replace the ageing GSM-R radio networks is an ever-present challenge.



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A small team with a big heart

The Rail Team of the Year Award honours those teams which have delivered a project whilst overcoming significant challenges,...